Not able to focus? Here are 6 simple steps for you-

In todays era where everything is easily available has made our lives easier and at the same time has snatched the focus and concentration away from us.


let us understand this. As everything is easily available like if you wish to watch a movie you don’t need to go anywhere, it’s available in your phone, if you wish to watch some eye pleasing sceneries also available on Internet which you have easy access on, and the height is if you wish to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend you don’t need to struggle a lot, they are also available at just a click away, just swipe left , right or centre and you are there.

Internet, modernization and globalisation has made our lives so easier then why are we struggling on focusing, why can’t we concentrate?

let’s understand what focus is?

the dictionary meaning of focus is – to give all your attention to something.

But when we discussed about movie or sceneries or girlfriend or boyfriend didn’t we need focus to do those things?

yes of course you needed focus in those scenarios too but you didn’t need to struggle much because you were doing something which was of your choice and had not much struggle and you were also had some surity that yes you will be getting what you desire for.

if its that simple then why are you truggling on focusing?

You are struggling because you want to focus on something which is productive and may not be of your interest or may be you are doing it for the very first time or you wish to do it but you find no fun in it and also you see no surity if you will be getting out of this what you are desiring for.

If you are trying to do something productive simply specifies that you are moving towards success and always remember “success doesn’t come easier” . So answer is here, since you are moving towards success or you are moving ahead in life the focus will not come easily because it may take time or you may lack resources or you may lack motivation and support from people around you.

let’s understand how can you focus on something which leads you towards success and productivity.

below simple steps will help you building focus-

1- Setting realistic goals

2- Set a time frame

3- Taking actions

4- Maintaining a journal

5- Discipline

6- Maintaining a healthy routine

1- Setting realistic goals –

Set your goal

If you are trying to focus definitely you have got a goal but is that realistic? Are you trying to achieve something which is really achievable for you? When you ask such questions to yourself it becomes easier for you to set the goals and when it’s realistic, it also gives you confidence, hope and motivation that yes you will be able to achieve it within the decided time frame. AND this is how focusing will not be harder for you anymore.

Example of a realistic goal- Suppose you want to go on a holiday you need to have a few things for it like you need to decide a destination, must have time and of course you must have enough money. Now you need to work on all these things one by one and know if this goal would be achievable and realistic or not for you.

for that you can start with searching a destination which you would like to visit. Once you decide it make sure if you will be having time or not.

Once above things decided now you can think of money. Suppose you will be needing 20K for your holiday and you earn 30k per month. Your monthly basic expenditure is 25k. Now you can make sure if you will be able to save 20k or not. Once you think this goal is realistic and you can start focusing on it and move onto the next step.

2- Set a time frame-

Time frame

Setting goals may be easy but if you don’t set a time frame for them you may end up NoT achieving your goals. Hence setting a manageable time frame as equally important as setting goals.

let’s take the above example, your savings are 5k per month and in case if you can’t save all 5k for some reasons atleast have a GOAL of saving 4k per month. This way you will be able to achieve a goal of saving 20k in just 5 months. So for your goal your time frame is 5 months.

setting time frame will always help you achieve your goals faster and will also keep you engaged in being Productive and focused.

3- Taking actions-


Once you set your goals and time frame, it must not be only on to your mind or paper , now you need to take actions In order to take actions you need to work on them everyday and dedicatedly. Now you can move on to the next step.

4- Maintaining a journal-


Maintaining a journal is the best way to check onto yourself and onto your actions. Once you start Woking on your goals maintain a journal and dont miss even a single day to do it.

Maintaining a journal will help you keeping focused and will also help you achieving your goals in the decided time frame. In case if someday you miss working on to your goals , writing journal will remind you of it and still can give a chance to work on it. This way you may save your day from being wasted and unproductive.

5- Discipline-

Being successful means being Disciplined. If you don’t have self control and Discipline, whatever you have done untill now like setting goals and time frames, writing a journal, everything will not be of any use. You will be ending up having nothing productive. Hence being Disciplined is the key.

6- Maintaining a healthy routine- following a healthy routine plays a great role in your success. When you start Maintaining a healthy routine, you automatically start focusing on your goals. Healthy routine makes focusing easy and comfortable.

so this is how you can build some habits and achieve a great level of focus.

All the best.