How to buy expensive and branded clothes without affecting your savings

There is no one who doesn’t want to wear clothes of a good quality, also people want to have a large number of variety of clothes for various occasions. Having variety in clothes and quality is loved by everyone. But issue arises when buying clothes literally creates turbulence in your savings and leaves you impatient and imbalance for rest of the budget.

Below you will be able to have some tips, tricks and a guide so that you won’t face this issue anymore.

Before jumping to the solutions let’s understand why couldn’t you do it untill today ? Why and how did you keep imbalancing your budgets and savings? And instead of enjoying your shopping why did you end regretting on spending too much?

Has it ever happened to you that you went to the shopping πŸ› mall for movie and ended up buying clothes, you went with a friend to help him/her in shopping and ended up buying for yourself?

Has it ever happened to you that you bought something you never needed? Do you have clothes still with the tags and you never wore then till date?

Spending too much and buying unnecessary clothes is a problem most of the people facing and it arises because of below reasons-

  1. No proper tracking and budget of money
  2. No discipline
  3. No self control

Let’s understand all the above reasons in detail and get some solutions.

  1. No proper tracking of money- Having a proper track of money keeps you updated about your earnings & expenditures and also gives you confidence & makes you habitual of saving time to time.

But imagine if you don’t track you earnings and expenditures, it will leave you with no savings, spending too much, leaving you confused and can also harm your productivity because you may feel you are moving nowhere.

How to track your money- Once your salary comes the first things you must do is paying all the bills and debts like- phone and Internet bill, home rent, electricity bill and debts in case if you have any loans.

Once you do the above write them down in a diary. The very next thing you need to do is buying all the necessary stuffs the entire month like- grocery, toiletries and anything else if you need. Write them down in a diary.

Now you are almost done for the entire month and whatever money you are left with is your savings.

Now you need to divide this saving into various portions and make sure each portion fulfills a purpose. Like you may have an insurance policy, a mutual fund or anything else.

Now you need to decide how much you can spend on buying clothes, once decided keep that money saperate every month.

2. No discipline- Like in first step we have discussed that keeping a track and budget of money is very important but imagine you don’t do it properly and every month. Then it will leave you with no savings and confidence. Hence having discipline in maintaining a diary of earnings and expenditures is extremely important.

3. No self control- Having a bad habit of shopping unnecessarily, spending too much and having no plans & special occasion for buying clothes are some of the examples of no self control. If keep doing it you may end up having no savings and regrets. Though shopping usually makes you Happy but if you have no control it will give you only regrets and grief in a long run.

Causes of no self control- Below are some of the reasons that are responsible for you to be uncontrollable-

a. Going for window shopping- Even if you tell to yourself that you are just going for window shopping but definitely you will be ending up buying something and creating a huge imbalance in your budget and savings. Hence you must avoid window shopping.

How to avoid it- To avoid window shopping you may choose to go for a walk πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ at a place where you feel comfortable like a park or you may invite a friend for tea at your place or you may do something which relates to your interest or hobby like I prefer to do crafts or you can read a book or you can start learning a new skill or you can go out for a tea or lite snacks. So this is how you can void window shopping and even can have something better and productive instead of spending money and taking regrets.

b. Not able to say no – Are you someone who can never say NO to your friends Whenever they call you out for shopping?

If yes than definitely you are someone who spend unnecessarily and have no plans for shopping.

when you go with your friends you may tend to shop even if you have no plans.

The best way to avoid it is having some courage and choosing to say NO. Try to do it, it will not only refrain you from spending unnecessarily but will also make you more confident and will help you saving your time & energy.

c. Having no plans – When you don’t have any plans for your budgets & savings and shopping, it will always lead you to spend on something you don’t need.

To avoid it follow the instructions as I wrote above.

d. To buy something which you don’t need- If you develope a habit of asking a question to yourself, ” do I need this?” Will really help you out refraining from buying unnecessary clothes. This is you will be able to build Discipline and self control.

Always have a track on your cupboard to make sure what you have and what not. It will be keep reminding you if you need something or not. This is how you will be able to determine if you need to buy a certain clothe or not.

keeping a few pairs of formals, traditional, casuals are usually enough. But if you need something for a special occasion or for a vacation you may choose to go for shopping after analysing your savings and budgets.

As I mentioned earlier that you must keep some money for your clothes every month. Don’t spend that money, keep saving that money every month for atleast 6 months. Now you have an amount which you have saved only for your clothes. Now when you go to the shopping mall you are already relaxed and you will not bother even if you want to buy something which is expensive.

This is how you can buy expensive and branded clothes without affecting your salary and without creating imbalance in your budget & savings.

Hope this was helpful.